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What is Love?

1/4 Channelled Message for the collective

What is Love?

Love is cosmic power, cosmic energy

It generates abundance within by simply enjoy our own being - Self Love

When you love yourself, you don’t need to look for love from outside because

You are self-sufficient and you take responsibility of loving yourself.

At the same time you are spreading love to others by loving yourself as we are as one.

Oneness. They learn how to love themselves by observing the way you are.

Love is the highest frequency of everything.

Thats how we can attract things we want in life with love.

A couple of questions to attain self love:

- How would you enjoy your life better?

- Are you satisfied with your living environment? How can you adjust to make yourself happier?Paint the wall to pink? Relocate the furnitures? New hifi? Have some plants?

- Do you realise anything/ anyone in your life that no longer serve your highest intention? Time to let go so new fresh experience can happen for you

Let’s choose to be joyful consciously


花開花落 滋養 水份 生命的美麗

是我們人類從大自然學習宇宙與對自己的覺察 從而從我們生活中遇到的困難找到方向



再次提醒我們是相連的 從沒分離過




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