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"Natalie was recommended to me by a close friend.

Before he mentioned her I had little interest in or knowledge of Akashic Records.
I am at a crossroads on my life/career and thought Natalie could shed light on the future path.
Natalie communicated very clearly before the session so I could prepare myself in peace.

I didn’t really set any expectations on the session itself besides walking out learning something useful.
I let Natalie pace the beginning of the session and as we progressed the next questions and discussions came out very naturally.
If I have to sum up the whole experience by a keyword it is ‘hope’.

Natalie empowered me with useful tips and guidance for me to keep growing and fulfill my soul journey.
I personally really appreciated her style, very calm and kind, a gentle session.
I feel I need the lessons to settle in first before I see her again.
Even for those like me who were not familiar with the Akashic records I would totally recommend this experience,

it is very mind and heart opening."

- Alexis

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